Healing Bobby

Directed by Peter van Agtmael, this Red Border Film tells the story of Bobby Henline, an Iraq War veteran turned comic who has made his injuries a part of his comedy. 


Red Boots Production


Brad Garrett

 I think it's safe to say Bobby Henline is the bravest person I know, both in life and on the stage. I've had the opportunity to see him perform many times and he is downright hysterical. His fearlessness as a person and as a comic is so incredibly admirable. I consider it a true honor to work with Bobby as a fellow comedian, and am proud and grateful to call him my friend. 


Stephen Patterson, DVM and Julie Lolli, Executive Coordinator​

 We are honored to take this opportunity to tell you about having Bobby Henline as the keynote speaker for the Passion for Pigs Seminar & Trade Show in Columbia, MO on December 5, 2017. Bobby, spoke passionately about his life’s journey. Then, he shared his incredible story of healing and recovery. Although the concepts were hard to deliver, Bobby brought much laughter and fun to the group, drawing and engaging them. The impact of his presentation was so powerful and was very well received. We would highly recommend Bobby Henline as one of the most inspiring motivational speakers we have heard. His story is real, encouraging, funny and full of hope. 


Mendi Leigh

 Bobby spoke at our District Summit this year, and was amazing! His message really hit home for some of us who feel like we might be having a bad day. Not only did he remind us how thankful we should be for each day we have, but he also reminded us to laugh and keep a light attitude as we deal with stressful situations in a sometimes not-so-nice world. He also took time to speak to attendees privately and answer any questions. His presence and message amused us while leaving us more thankful and humbled than when we woke up that morning. His presentation was one of the best I've had the pleasure of seeing over the years. 




David Gaibis


From the moment Bobby arrived at our school with his faithful service dog, Daisy, he was able to hold students of all grades, at rapt attention.

As the students listened, he spoke to them about overcoming adversity, using his personal experience to illustrate how he was able to do it. He talked to the students about having grit, the ability to muster their own toughness.  His kind, humorous delivery put everyone in the auditorium at ease. he was able to do this by using his unique sense of humor, to which the students responded wonderfully.

The faculty, staff and administration at Lincoln High School highly recommend Bobby Henline as a motivational speaker for any school or for any venue. He is an inspiration. He is an American hero. And, he is a fantastic role model for students of any age to see that life is not easy, and that it takes some effort and grit to get through it, and Bobby is the perfect vehicle to convey that message.

Lincoln High School, PA

Bill and Evonne Williams

Bobby Henline was the speaker for the Nebraska Purple Heart Flight pre-flight dinner on 5/23 in Omaha. It was the third time we have hosted Bobby and he is outstanding. A powerful presentation, serious and hilarious. 

He also went on the flight and spent the day with our veterans and Gold Star family members. We are his biggest fans and recommend him without hesitation.


Patriotic Productions

Leigh Wickersham


  It was a pleasure to meet and to get to know Bobby Henline.  He “jumped right in” at our convention and became “one of us.”  He interacted and connected with my attendees unlike any other speaker we’ve had.  Bobby’s positive attitude and fun personality comes through immediately and is contagious.  My attendees and I feel like we have a new friend.  It’s easy to be proud and grateful when you meet Bobby and hear his story.  

Executive Director

National Institute of Oilseed Products