What does Bobby Henline do?

Bobby is a Motivational Speaker and Comedian.  He can speak up to 60 minutes, including Q&A, or less according to the event time allowed.  You have the option of his engaging PowerPoint, which includes numerous photographs and a video to tell his story.

Bobby is also a Stand Up Comedian.  He is comfortable as the Emcee to the Headliner, where most of his experience has been.

How do I contact and book Bobby for an event?

Contact Us  to email or call Bravo748 Military and Combat Speakers Bureau at 606-875-5808 to discuss availability.

Tell me about Bobby's past audiences.

Bobby has experience speaking in front of large audiences (>500) to smaller groups.  His presentations are customized to meet the event coordinator's expectations.  His audiences have been Veterans Associations, Active Duty Troops, Health and/or Mental Health Organizations, High Schools, Law Enforcement, Religious Groups, Comedy Clubs, Athletic Associations, Fundraisers, Burn Organizations, etc.

I've never booked a speaker before ...how do I start?

Use the Contact Us tab.  We will work with you to establish your expectations and work on a presentation that is perfect for your audience.

Can I review Bobby's previous appearances?

Go to the Media page and review the available videos.

How much does it cost to book Bobby Henline?

Fees vary according to type of event, duration of presentation, and travel required.  Contact us directly for a formal quote.


How far in advance should I book?

Bobby receives invitations to speak regularly, so the sooner the better.

What information should I have ready to book Bobby Henline?

  • Name, email, and phone number of contact person for your organization
  • Date and location of event
  • Type of event - school, Veteran organization, Firefighter organization, Law Enforcement, etc.
  • Purpose of event
  • Budget

Will Bobby participate in more than a presentation?

Yes.  Bobby goes beyond a presentation.  In the Agreement,  we can add radio and TV shows to promote the event, Meet & Greet, photo opportunities, receptions, planned meals to meet event organizers and sponsors.

Prior to the event date, can I communicate directly with Bobby?

Yes. Pre-event calls are key to ensuring the event coordinator and Bobby are on the same page.  This is addressed both in the Agreement and subsequent emails with the event coordinator.

Can I record Bobby's presentation or comedy?

Yes.  Terms are negotiated in the Agreement.